If You Want to Change the World


If you want to change the world

Admiral William H. McRaven

#1. If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.

#2. If you want to change the world, find someone to help you paddle.


#3. If you want to change the world, measure a person by the size of their heart, not the size of their flippers.


#4. If you want to change the world get over being a sugar cookie and keep moving forward.


#5. But if you want to change the world, don’t be afraid of the circuses.


#6. If you want to change the world sometimes you have to slide down the obstacle head first.


#7. So, if you want to change the world, don’t back down from the sharks.


#8. If you want to change the world, you must be your very best in the darkest moment.


#9. So, if you want to change the world, start singing when you’re up to your neck in mud.


#10. If you want to change the world don’t ever, ever ring the bell.


Skylights for Everyone









Sky Factory is based in Fairfield, Iowa—and take it from an Iowa native, no one knows the big blue better than the those of us who live against a backdrop of never-ending corn fields. The cerulean ceiling projections are designed to produce psychophysiological relaxation responses. In other words, the simulated natural light may well get you through that moment of midday work panic or waiting room purgatory.



Herzog + de Meuron Reveal Their Curvaceous New Manhattan Project



Inward slanted windows suggest a Brutalist lineage, and some have suggested that the building was inspired by Bertrand Goldberg’s Marina City in Chicago. No completion date has been announced — rumors, coupled with the development’s history, suggest that it should be open for business in 2017.

Dubai’s Mall of the World



The first state-sponsored mega-project since the economic meltdown of 2008, the Mall of the World is even more ambitious and audacious than the last wave. Dubai plans to build an actual indoor city, complete with a waterfall, seven kilometers of trams, and a performance center. There will be 20,000 hotel rooms and 50,000 parking spots, all meant to feed the beast: an 8,000,000 square foot mall. And all of this will exist under a huge bubble.


What Is Love?


Trust God only. Do not trust sweet words. Trust sweet action. Do not put you trust in the false belief that if you do not take what you have, you will miss out. What you are looking for is an alignment with what the Word of God says. If it aligns, then you should continue to move forward. If it does not align then it is not right. Remember God will provide. Have not fear. If you find yourself not trusting God or you have fear, then you are in the wrong position. That is a clear sign.

In the video start at 10:30 and go to 15:30

100 + 100

Each man and woman scours the earth for their perfect spouse, so the two can again become one, Hunt explained. Phrases like “my other half” or “my better half” actually come from this Greek myth, and well-meaning parents pass on the romantic idea to their children.

“The problem with that is that it makes us half persons,” the counselor argued. If each man/woman constantly searches for the man/woman who will “complete” him/her, he/she can never be his/her own person. Worse, he/she cannot live for Christ.


Galatians 5:22-23Amplified Bible (AMP)

22 But the fruit of the [Holy] Spirit [the work which His presence within accomplishes] is love, joy (gladness), peace, patience (an even temper, forbearance), kindness, goodness (benevolence), faithfulness,

23 Gentleness (meekness, humility), self-control (self-restraint, continence). Against such things there is no law [[a]that can bring a charge].

Paul gives a succinct explanation of love that describes many of its attributes. From these verses we see what love is and isn’t, or what love does and doesn’t do.

Love is:

  • Patient
  • Kind
  • Rejoices in truth
  • Bears up under all problems / Protects
  • Believes / Trusts
  • Hopes
  • Understands the of faults of others
  • Never fails / Perseveres

Love isn’t:

  • Envious
  • Proud
  • Boastful
  • Inappropriate / Rude
  • Selfish
  • Short-tempered
  • Evil
  • Accepting of sin

To succeed, think of failure as a certainty instead of a possibility


To succeed, think of failure as a certainty instead of a possibility

As with so many people, failure was and is a big stop sign that says, “STOP, it is over and you should never do anything that makes you feel this way again.”

Not that you want to fail or you seek to fail but it is a reality. You must understand that this reality is not the truth of who and what you are. You must keep on dreaming, seeking, and growing. Let failure inspire you to get better and to do better. That is how you will win!